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Revision ce1a6c1 by Alexander Pinzon (soc-2014-remesh)
July 31, 2014, 01:38 (GMT)
Exhaustive method for calculating the path of the flow line.
More comparisons on the scale to avoid vector field calculation is performed.
Method to compute a random point, P, uniformly from within triangle ABC, method given by Robert Osada, Thomas Funkhouser, Bernard Chazelle, and David Dobkin. 2002. Shape distributions. ACM Trans. Graph. 21, 4 (October 2002), 807-832. DOI=10.1145/571647.571648

Commit Details:

Full Hash: ce1a6c1ca6908f2293afb81d84cf7c2f50639ad4
Parent Commit: b987a43
Lines Changed: +520, -172

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