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39 minutes ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release'
42 minutes ago
Fix T77548: Crash when using Add Object Tool with Normal Orientation and zero objects in scene

The crash is caused by the fact that a NULL Object pointer is passed to
calculate the transform orientation, which has been set to normal.

A check has been include to detect the same.

Differential Revision:
54 minutes ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release'
54 minutes ago
Fix T79370 EEVEE: Texture paint does not update during stroke

Was caused by rBd82c3d86155e
1 hour 21 min ago
Fix T78592: Shear operator fails to affect curve control point handles

Use `td->iloc` as the coordinates of the transformed element.

It is more accurate and other transformation modes, such as scale, also
operate on `td->iloc`.
Revision d9b72a9 by Julian Eisel
1 hour 46 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release'
Revision 1b593ed by Julian Eisel
1 hour 47 min ago
Fix T78907: Renaming file doesn't work while mouse is over file icon

The icons are label buttons. Usually these are not editable and can not
become active. These are draggable ones though (so dragging files can be
dragged by dragging the icon) which creates an exception to this rule.
So hovering the icon would activate its label and when executing the
rename operator via shortcut it wouldn't get exited properly. This broke
the invariant of only allowing a single active button at a time.
Added an assert to check that invariant now.

Letting the code to activate the text button ensure any currently active
button is exited seems sensible.
1 hour 50 min ago
Fix T79509 Workbench: Object color mode broken if more than 4096 objects

This was due to the new DRWShadingGroup not being saved and reused for
the next objects.
1 hour 50 min ago
Workbench: Fix broken id pass
2 hours 6 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release'
2 hours 6 min ago
Eevee: do not rely on the SOCK_HIDE_VALUE flag for node group sockets.

When disconnecting links for defaulted node group inputs, recurse
into the nested node group nodes, instead of checking the socket
flag. Otherwise the behavior is confusing and differs from Cycles.

Differential Revision:
2 hours 41 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release' into master
2 hours 45 min ago
Fix T72297: disabled buttons toggling on drag

Disabled buttons would incorrectly toggle state when a drag toggle
passed over them. This adds a check to prevent a drag toggle on disabled

Differential Revision:
3 hours 1 min ago
GPencil: Reorganize Advanced Brush panel

The Ignore Transparent Strokes and the Factor are related, so it's better disable factor if the checkbox is disabled.
3 hours 13 min ago
Fix T79127: crash on `scene.ray_cast()` with non-viewport view layer

The `rna_Scene_ray_cast()` function tried to find the current depsgraph. To
this end, it required the scene, the view layer, and bmain. Scene has a cache
of per-view-layer depsgraphs, to speed up switching between view layers. This
cache does not contain render depsgraphs, and evaluated view layers also don't
have a depsgraph here.

When a suitable depsgraph cannot be found, a new depsgraph is created. However,
this depsgraph is not evaluated, and has an unexpanded scene pointer with a
`NULL` `view_layer`. Using this then crashes Blender. Also, there was no way
for the code to get the render depsgraph.

The solution is to pass the depsgraph to the `ray_cast()` function, instead of
the view layer. This avoids the depsgraph lookup, and also works correctly when

Some add-ons also need updating, which I'll do in the `addons`
repository soon.

Reviewed By: Sergey

Differential Revision:
3 hours 27 min ago
GPencil: Rename Default Fill Boundary option to All
3 hours 36 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.90-release'
3 hours 37 min ago
Sculpt: Use vertices instead of faces to limit the grids in each PBVH node

This uses the vertices per grid instead of quads to set the limit of
grids per PBVH Node. This should create more leaf nodes in lower
subdivisions levels where the duplicates count is high, producing more
uniform performance across different levels.

Reviewed By: sergey

Differential Revision:
3 hours 41 min ago
GPencil: Add Fill option to determine the layers used for boundary strokes

This is a patch suggested in

The valid values are:

* Visible Layers.
* Active Layer.
* Layer Above active.
* Layer Below active.
* All layers Above active.
* All layers Below active.

Differential Revision:

Some minor UI changes done in the original patch.
4 hours 8 min ago
Functions: fix multi function test

There were two issues. First, I made a mistake when I switched from unsigned
to signed integers. Second, two classes with the same name were defined in
separate files. Those classes are in an anonymus namespace now, so that they
don't leak into other files.
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